James Bond and Supercars for ‘Spectre’

There is something that gets our hearts pumping when supercars start revving up their engines.

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Of course, when you add James Bond into the equation, you have a winning combination (men and women alike here on the MD Team can agree on that).

Maybe our passion for supercars stems from the fact we need something to balance out all of the beach living?

Regardless, get ready to get your heart pumping in this behind-the-scenes footage of James Bond, aka Daniel Craig, and Mr. Hinx, aka Dave Bautista.

Daniel is driving an Aston Martin DB10 while Dave is at the wheel of a Jaguar C-X75.

Yeah, we cannot wait for the movie!

For those of you wanting some more Daniel, here you go!

A photo posted by James Bond 007 (@007) on

A photo posted by James Bond 007 (@007) on

Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci in Rome overlooking the Forum #SPECTRE

A photo posted by James Bond 007 (@007) on

We know what you are thinking, and we agree – this is a movie for all.