Into the Blue

Photo: kelly_gallaher/instagram

For this installment of Otter Escape, we are heading to one of our favorite places.

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No, it’s not the beach, but you are close.

It’s the sea!

The blue waters of the sea hold so much, from marine life to adventures.

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Let’s get this Otter Escape underway by heading to…

Maui, Hawaii!

Are you more of a surfer or paddle boarder?

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Is there an Otterlicious wave coming?

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We don’t know about you, but all this wave riding has got us worn out!

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Time to take a moment to enjoy the sea from the beach, before we begin our next adventure…

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Can you guess what we will want to do next?

Hint – it includes exploration…

And of course, the sea…

Snorkel time!

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Maybe we should go scuba diving once we get done snorkeling?

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Or, maybe we’ll just enjoy the tranquility of the sea from above…

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However you enjoy the sea, we are certain it will be Otterlicious.

Into the blue we go…