Interview with Jessica Kirby – Founder of the Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle Blog Prosecco & Plaid

Prosecco & Plaid

Jessica Kirby founded the fashion, travel and lifestyle blog, Prosecco & Plaid, in 2013. She grew up in and currently now lives in Newport, Rhode Island. And, not only does she spend her summers surfing and at the beach, she lived in Los Angeles and New York City and appreciates coffee.

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Of course, if that wasn’t reason enough for wanting to interview her, her overall style sealed the deal. In Jess’ own words, her style includes “effortless combinations that are classic, chic and wearable.”

Expect to learn more about fashion, style and Newport travel tips in our interview with Jess.

Prosecco & Plaid
Prosecco & Plaid

MalenDyer: As you may know, coffee and MD go hand-in-hand. How do you like your coffee?
Jessica Kirby: I’m obsessed with my Nespresso machine. I basically don’t even go for coffee anymore because no one does it better than my Nespresso.

MD: When summer rolls around and the beach comes calling, when it comes to swimming, what is your go-to swim brand(s)?
JK: I typically prefer one piece over bikinis. I just got the most amazing white bathing suit from Vitamin A. I also love Kore and Triangl.

Prosecco & Plaid
Prosecco & Plaid

Above: Vitamin A Swimwear

MD: Do you still surf?
JK: Yes. I started surfing as a little girl. My dad has surfed his whole life, so we all started surfing when we were young. I’m wimpier now. I used to surf in the winter, but I’m just not that hardcore anymore (she says with a smile).

Working for myself is the most rewarding experience.

MD: What does your ideal day at the beach consist of?
JK: Swimming, hanging with friends, surfing or stand up paddle boarding and good snacks.

Prosecco & Plaid
Prosecco & Plaid

Above: Roxy

MD: Onto learning more about your home turf – Newport. What is your preferred mode of transportation to get around?
JK: I love to be able to walk or bike. My favorite thing about living in New York, when I lived there, was that a I never had to drive. I hate driving.

MD: Please finish this sentence. When in Newport, you must…
JK: Go to the beach, visit the mansions and walk the Cliff Walk.

MD: We have some lobster-obsessed team members. Any must-visit seafood place(s) in the area?
JK: Believe it or not, I can’t eat lobster. But the best places are definitely The Mooring, Castle Hill and Clarke Cooke House.

New York inspired me to be creative but also to keep it simple.

MD: Let’s transition to fashion and your style. Between growing up in Newport and then returning, you lived in New York and Los Angeles. How has your style evolved from the time you left Newport to when you returned?
JK: My style has definitely become more sophisticated. I think New York inspired me to be creative but also to keep it simple. Los Angeles infused some boho vibes into my style.

MD: Which brand is your current fashion crush?
JK: I love Rebecca Minkoff. And, Reformation is pretty amazing.

MD: What brand would you love to collaborate with?
JK: Where do I begin? Nicole Miller, Self Portrait, Rebecca Minkoff, Milly. I’m also in love with Chloé and Stuart Weitzman. I think it would be fun to create content for any of those brands.

Prosecco & Plaid
Prosecco & Plaid

MD: Who inspires you?
JK: In fashion, I think Jenny [Bernheim] from Margo & Me is so cool, and I love Iris Apfel, who doesn’t? Other strong women who inspire me are Elizabeth Warren and Tina Fey.

MD: What does being a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger offer you?
JK: Freedom. Working for myself is the most rewarding experience. It’s terrifying at times, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Prosecco & Plaid
Prosecco & Plaid

Jess is pictured above with her partner, Craig Mackay.

Connect with Jessica:
Instagram @jessannkirby
Twitter @jessannkirby
Facebook @proseccoandplaid

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