Interview with Australia-Based Makeup Artist Maria Rivera

Elizabeth Butner

Maria Rivera
Maria Rivera
There is a lot that goes into any photoshoot, from scouting a location to editing the final images. Hence, we thought it was time we spoke to some of those individuals that contribute to the end result and where better to begin than in the makeup chair.

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Maria Rivera is an Australia-based makeup artist and hair stylist who has done work for editorial, runway and advertising, among other categories. Some clients she has worked with, include: Gucci, Rachel Hunter’s Lola and Zimmerman.

MalenDyer: What inspired you to become a makeup artist?
Maria Rivera: I have always been drawn to makeup from a very young age, the power of beauty and transformation had me transfixed.

Elizabeth Butner
Elizabeth Butner

Above: BlackMilk Clothing Campaign.

MD: What does being a makeup artist offer you?
MR: Variety everyday and incredible experiences, and it allows me to work with very talented, creative people.

MD: If you weren’t a makeup artist, what would we find you doing?
MR: I would more than likely be a hairdresser [or] beauty therapist.

MD: When working on a shoot, what inspires your work?
MR: Color, textures, people, nature, music and patterns – I also draw inspiration from others, in a collaborative way.

MD: How does your preparation differ when doing an outdoor shoot versus a shoot inside a studio?
MR: The equipment and makeup kit I bring on location would be smaller than what I would bring to a studio. I also need to pack for the elements on a location shoot, such as sunscreen and umbrellas.

MD: What is a must-have we would always find in your bag?
MR: Egyptian Magic (multi-purpose balm) and Mario Badescu‘s Rosewater spray are always with me!


Above: Tom Ford Beauty.
MD: What book would we find you reading right now?
MR: Shantaram – for the third time!

MD: What’s your most memorable shoot you have done thus far?
MR: My most memorable shoots have to be when I test shoot with creatives, as this allows me to color outside the lines so to speak and to explore the art in our craft.

Photographer Elizabeth M Butner - Model Vanessa Pulgarin
Photographer Elizabeth M Butner – Model Vanessa Pulgarin

MD: Who or which brand would you love to work with and haven’t yet?
MR: I would love to work closely with a makeup brand that I respect and love. [And,] being in the lab, creating new must-haves and seeing it come to fruition – the dream!

MD: What lesson have you learned that you wish you would have known at the start of your career?
MR: Understanding more thoroughly the impact of lighting on makeup and not being afraid to take risks.

MD: What advice would you offer those looking to become a makeup artist?
MR: Be brave enough to take the leap, be creative and play to your own tune. Stay humble and always be willing to keep learning.

MD: Can you leave us with a makeup tip that always works or one that you have learned during your career?
MR: Do your lower lashes first when applying Mascara. Invest in good skincare. Hyaluronic acid serum on liquid matte lipstick buys you a few of hours of extra moisture and stops cracking.

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Instagram @mariarivera_mua
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Arc Creative

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