Insight into Watch Making and Tips on Watch Buying

Patek Philippe

At a recent MalenDyer meeting, we began a discussion on watches – from Apple x Hermes to Swiss classics to ones that can be purchased at any local shop. As we have some watch aficionados on the team, our high-level discussion turned in-depth quickly and led us to this short video.

Shop at AG Jeans!

Jim Chapman went to the headquarters of TAG Heuer in Switzerland for British GQ. He touches on the craftsmanship involved in watch making, along with offering insight into the design process – from the concept to the final production – while also touching on pricing – whether watches are worth the price.

As we liked the overview that video gave, we are now ready to offer next steps to help make a new watch a reality.

Step One: Know what you want your watch to do for you.
Do you need the date on your watch? Do you need a stopwatch? Know that with each add-on, your price will increase so be sure you go in knowing which features you must have and which features you could live without.

Step Two: Know the basic style of watch you want.
When purchasing a watch that can last your lifetime, you want a watch that reflects you. In turn, have in mind certain aesthetics before going shopping. In this way, if you are certain you want a black leather band with a black face, you’ll be less likely to have buyer’s remorse later.

Step Three: When shopping brands, try to look past a brand name and look at what makes the brand special.
Is the brand considered a watch expert? Is there craftsmanship involved in their watch production? We’ve found some exceptional watches from some lesser known brands. Remember, just because you don’t see their name splashed across magazines, shouldn’t lessen their quality.

Once you make your purchase, be sure to send us an Instagram shot @malendyer.