Inside Hampton Coffee Company – First Swim 2016

Hampton Coffee Co

We love ourselves a good cup of coffee. There is something to be said about about beans that are roasted just right, grounded with care and combined with the ideal amount of water that’s heated just so that when brewed, exudes an aura that leaves your taste buds ready to savor every drop of that freshly brewed cup of coffee.

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Now that we got your attention, let’s talk about Hampton Coffee Company. Our first interaction with Hampton Coffee Company was while visiting The Hamptons. We not only enjoyed some coffee but also purchased some coffee beans. We should point out the beans were not from another brand, but from Hampton Coffee.

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At that moment, our interest was piqued – as to have their own beans, they must be an expert in their field?

“Roasting daily and in small batches is what really makes Hampton Coffee so unique and special. We roast 50 to 60 pounds at a time, by hand, and the only computer we have in our Roasting Room is the one to print the bag labels,” commented Jason Belkin, co-owner of Hampton Coffee Company…

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