In the Sea with Photographer Franck Berthuot – Stay Active, #Md2 for Spring 2017

Franck Berthuot

“Maui felt home when I landed the first time, which was during a vacation trip. It’s the kind of feeling you sometimes have when you discover a new place. I knew it would be home someday,” shared photographer Franck Berthuot. “Two years later, I quit my job and left everything in France. I came to Maui with bad English (still the same) and bright future in front of me. I trusted life and never looked back. No one at this time supported me. All of my friends thought I was making a mistake by leaving my ‘perfect life’ in Paris.”

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Franck is a Paris-born and raised photographer, who now calls Maui, Hawaii, home.

Although, Franck’s journey from the French capital to Maui didn’t end there. Upon his move, he could often be spotted surfing and windsurfing. In fact, he did this every day until he injured his back. At that point, Franck had a choice – go in for surgery or try a different option…

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