Home Brew Tips from the Co-Owner of Hampton Coffee Company

Photo: Hampton Coffee Company

With summer right around the corner, we already have weekend getaways to The Hamptons on our mind. And, one of our favorite stops is the family-owned Hampton Coffee Company.

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Although, since not everyone can make it there, we were able to speak with Jason Belkin, co-owner of Hampton Coffee Company, for tips on working to make that perfect home brew.

“When brewing at home, the most important things are good water, great coffee and a coffeemaker that can heat the water hot enough.”

“Buy fresh, local coffee and grind just enough for the day.”

“For the water, clean and cool. You don’t need bottled water, if you don’t want to spend the extra money.”

“Buy fresh, local coffee and grind just enough for the day. And, you need a coffeemaker that will have enough power to heat the water to 200 °F (93.33 °C), which is the right temperature for correct coffee extraction.”

“The amount of coffee to use? Trial and error to suit your taste, but a good rule of thumb is a tablespoon to every 6oz. So, if you’re making a mug, two tablespoons, which is one coffee scoop.”

Now that you have the tips to create that perfect home brew, it’s time for some beans!

We recommend Hampton Coffee Company’s Coconut Créme Coffee and Hampton Coffee Company’s Hampton Classic Blend®.

And, for those of you heading to The Hamptons, be sure to visit Hampton Coffee Company! They have locations in Aquebogue (Riverhead), Water Mill, Southampton and more. Be sure to check out hamptoncoffeecompany.com for all of the details.