Helena Christensen Discusses New Perfume, Beauty and More

Photo: deborahbrider/Instagram

Helena Christensen has been making her rounds with her latest appearance on the cover of the Telegraph‘s Stella Magazine.

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Helena spoke with Stella about her perfume, Dead of Night, which is a available at Harrods.

It is such an unusual, sensual and mysterious scent.
It did something to my brain that no other scent had ever done before; it hypnotized me in some way.

She touched on her exercise routine, “I don’t love exercise. But it does mean I can eat twice as much.”

The model and photographer also spoke about her love of natural beauty.

I feel happiest outdoors by the ocean.

I love a beautiful tan, I love slightly burned cheeks and freckles.

Freckles are happy little moments of summer joy. I tell make-up artists to bring mine out, and to give me more if they can.

She continued, “To me, ‘perfect’ is messy hair and interesting skin where something happens. I don’t want it to be matte, I don’t want it to be even; I want the freckles, I want the shine, I want the beachy, bedhead hair.”

Her approach to style seems to be part vintage and part investment pieces, or at least clothing she won’t wear once or twice because “mass production freaks me out,” she noted.

Be sure to check out the full article in Stella Magazine.

In case you want more Helena, she was recently the cover model for the French magazine, Madame Figaro.

We love Helena’s approach to life, beauty and style.