Founder of Fleur of England – Fleur Turner – Speaks to the Brand’s Beginnings and New Swimwear Line

Fleur of England

Fleur of England is a British lingerie brand that recently expanded their offering to swimwear, with Resort by Fleur.

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We got the opportunity to speak with the founder and creative director of the brand, Fleur Turner, to learn more about what helped to put the brand on the map, advice for other entrepreneurs and about Resort by Fleur.

Fleur of England
Fleur of England
MalenDyer: With a small bank loan, you started Fleur of England at only 25 – then named Fleur T – share with us the moment when you knew there was no going back?
Fleur Turner: Right at the start, I am incredibly determined!

MD: Share with us how your limited edition collections for Liberty of London came about.
FT: I was so excited to be showing my first collection at Harrogate in the UK. I jumped for joy when the creative director of Liberty loved my collection and asked me to go to London for a meeting. They used my debut collection to promote the launch of their re-vamped department store on London’s Regent Street.

MD: When you got the news you were to receive the “Fashion Export Newcomer” award from Princess Anne in 2003, what was that moment like? How did that award open up new opportunities for you and for the brand?
FT: I had no idea until it was announced at the event; it was totally unexpected! It really put us on the map. Having Princess Anne endorse the brand was fantastic and opened up the American market to us further.

“Never give up, if you are passionate about something, keep going.”

MD: What advice can you offer those individuals who may be deciding if they should too pursue their dreams?
FT: Never give up, if you are passionate about something, keep going.

MD: Having seen the brand continually grow, along with your own personal world and possibly your own fashion aesthetic, how have you worked to keep the Fleur of England message consistent?
FT: I studied fashion marketing at University. I love design and marketing and the concept and mood of the collection; how it is marketed is as important as the design. I approach all my collections in this way. I work very closely with marketing and digital to make sure our brand message is pure and evolving. It is key to embrace change, consumer behavior and new trends across everything, from finance to design to e-commerce.

Fleur of England
Fleur of England

MD: Now, we must move on to the newest addition to the Fleur of England family – Resort by Fleur. You’ve mentioned that swimwear is different than lingerie. How have you changed or adjusted your designing and production process for swimwear, versus lingerie?
FT: The fabrics and technology they offer is key. I don’t want swimwear that lasts one holiday; it has to last at least five. Quality is essential for all of the fixtures and finishes. Swimwear has to perform in the sun and water.

Fleur of England
Fleur of England

MD: How did you decide which fabrics you wanted to work with for your swimwear collection?
FT: I found the best swimwear fabric in the world to work with. It is very sophisticated and technical, from Italy.

“Swimwear has to perform in the sun and water.”

MD: What do you find most rewarding about designing lingerie and/or swimwear?
FT: At the photoshoot, when I can see everything I had in my head creatively come together in a final image that conveys the essence of the collection.

MD: What piece(s) of lingerie should every woman have in her wardrobe?
FT: A silk camisole in nude, white and black; a balcony bra and a boudoir bra with a flash of color!

Photo: luciagrace/instagram
Photo: luciagrace/instagram

MD: On a more light-hearted note, with Fleur of England based in Bristol, share with us some must visit places or the place we must go to when there?
FT: So many! I love this city; it is incredible. My local is the Kensington Arms, lovely food and wine or The Ox on Whiteladies Road. I enjoy a cocktail with my friends and there are lots of secret cocktail bars like Hausbar or Her Majesty’s Secret Service or Milk Thistle. I also love to get out to the countryside; Somerset has a lot to offer. I recently took the team to The Ethicurean and went to The Pig in Bath for my wedding anniversary.

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