Escape to Los Angeles – Five Top Picks for Juice, Coffee and Dining

Photo: julesdiaries23/instagram

We have spent a lot of time in Southern California – mainly San Diego. And, whenever we get a chance to go back to our West Coast, we are always eager to try new restaurants and check out the sites.

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For this edition of Escape, we are heading to Los Angeles. We criss-crossed the city to find you our top five dining picks, from juice stops to coffee breaks to evening meals.

Juice Served Here

“Convention is a concept for the masses. Never Conventional is for those who ask for more. From the nutrient dense produce from some of our hand-selected local, biodynamic farms, to our state-of-the-art arctic cold-press, zero-waste facility – we are Never Conventional. Our certified non-gmo juice is nourishing, satiating and never cut with cheap fillers.” – Juice Served Here

“Convention is a concept for the masses. Never Conventional is for those who ask for more.”

Location: Multiple
Menu: As their name points out, juices are their forte. Yet, this destination also offers raw soups, snacks and desserts and alkaline water, among other items.
Must Try: Sweet Greens and Super Choc juices.

NOTE: Verve Coffee Roasters can often be found inside Juice Served Here shops while some JSH bottles can be found in Verve shops – both are Otter approved.

Kreation Juice

“Our goal has always been to provide nourishing, clean fuel for the body, mind and spirit.” – Kreation Juice

“Don’t leave home without your juice!”

– Kreation Juice

Location: Multiple
Menu: From cold pressed juices, teas and smoothies, they have your liquid needs covered. They even have Tonic and Syringe Shots, along with some grab ‘n go food.
Must Try: Hot Latte with Almond Milk, Green #3 Juice

Superba Food + Bread

“We are people who insist on living well. Equal parts bakery, cafe and urban park, we’re proud of our space, our food and our people. We’re committed to sharing these lovely things with our community. We’re doing our darnedest to create an environment where trying new things is not only possible, but exciting, comfortable.” – Superba

Photo: superbafoodandbread/instagram
Photo: superbafoodandbread/instagram

Photo: superbafoodandbread/instagram
Photo: superbafoodandbread/instagram

“We are going to try new things and break some rules.”


Location: Venice & El Segundo
Menu: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Brunch are all served.
Must Try: Charred Wild Broccoli, Avocado Toast, Local Halibut


“[We] embrace the pure, simple flavors from the many countries that comprise the eastern Mediterranean region with a vibrant modern twist. Our goal is to use the finest ingredients available, in order to present Mediterranean cuisine at its best.” – Momed

“To eat normally, or to Feast! That is the question.”


Location: Beverly Hills
Menu: Lunch, Dinner and Brunch are offered.
Must Try: Avocado Hummus, Brussel Sprouts, Baby Kale Salad, Chicken Breast Skewer

Hatchet Hall

“[We are] a wood fire cookery with an emphasis on ingredients and old American techniques. We specialize in working relationships with local farmers and purveyors to provide the best quality experience for the table.” – Hatchet Hall

Photo: hatchethall/instagram
Photo: hatchethall/instagram

“We specialize in working relationships with local farmers.”

Location: West Culver City
Menu: Offering changes due to local farmer availability. There are entrées, although, we also recommend ordering multiple plates and sharing – think family style but not quite.
Must Try: Benne Yeast Rolls, Roasted Yams, Grilled Nantes Carrots, Grilled Baby Broccoli, Wood Grilled Artichoke, Scallops (when available), Cast Iron Hanger Steak, Peanut Butter Buckeye Pie

Happy dining!

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