Cooking with Britt Maren

Photo: Britt Maren/Instagram

We appreciate good food here at MalenDyer.

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Prawns are a fav with our Swedish Team and Acai bowls and juices are always by the side of others on the MD Team.

We have the yin and yang vibe going on, and we always enjoy sharing new food ideas with each other.

Britt Maren has modeled for Alexander Wang, Victoria’s Secret, Balenciaga, Sephora, Mango and many others.

She’s a Texan living in Brooklyn, New York, and she has a passion for baking, which is where our focus is today.

Otter Fun Fact: Britt’s husband, Derek Orrell, is the executive chef at The Heyward.

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Before we get baking with Britt, let’s get some healthy meal ideas from the model.

We spy avocado – yum!

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Maybe we threw “healthy” in too soon, but this cookie from the one-and-only Levain Bakery in New York City shows it’s all about moderation.

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Back to some clean living…

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Now we are getting hungry.

Let’s get to the baking!

Take it away, Britt…

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A Blackberry Basil Ginger Crumble…

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Which isn’t complete until the vanilla bean gelato and basil is added.

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This would be a great dessert to whip up for guests or even to bring to a dinner, as the gelato would be quite refreshing for these summer nights upon us.

Be sure to check out the full recipe on Harper’s Bazaar.