Coffee Table Books – Nature and the Beach

Photo: gray malin/beaches

Our next installment of our Coffee Table Books series brings us to nature and to the beach. We have a few picks that will be ideal for any coffee table or desk or home library or bookshelf.

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Maine: The Seasons

Take a step into nature with this book by landscape photographer Terrell S. Lester. There are 127 color photographs that touch various landscapes, from mountains and lakes to rivers and forests to the coastlines. It is certain to inspire and transport you to a place of tranquility.

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Gray Malin takes us on a trip around the world. We go to more than 20 cities, which include: Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Monica and Saint-Tropez. Enjoy the views from above and imagine yourself on any one of these amazing beaches.

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Cape Cod & the Islands Reflections

Head to the NorthEast with photographer Christopher Seufert. From Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to Provincetown, Orleans, Brewster and beyond, you are going to enjoy images of beaches, wildlife refuges, harbors, lighthouses, lobster shacks and more. We love our lobster shacks!

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Happy reading!