Coco Rocha Debuts Cinderella-Inspired HSN Fashion Collection

Coco Rocha may be pregnant with her first child, but she has not slowed down. She is still active on social media where she is sharing style tips, fitness tips and so much more.

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Most recently, she unveiled her design skills, which is for HSN and inspired by Disney’s “Cinderella.”

“A lot of times, models get a bad rap, or [people] think models should just model and focus on that,” commented Coco to Page Six.

“I thought this was a great opportunity, but also a great entrance into people seeing that I do have a point of view. I like to tell stories.”

Coco shared this snap on social media.

Before offering a sneak peek of the collection at the New York City screening of “Cinderella,” the model also took to social media to share her excitement.

Great job Coco! Keep pushing forward- it’s the Otterlicious way!


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