Cindy Crawford on Health and Beauty

Photo: Cindy Crawford/Instagram

Cindy Crawford is one of those models that is iconic in our books. She’s more than a pretty face, as she’s also a business woman. When those two worlds collide, we are always interested to hear more.

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Cindy has recently collaborated with Urban Remedy, a line of deliverable raw and ready-to-eat meals.

Vogue caught up with the model and spoke a lot to health and wellness while even offering some beauty tips.

I never am too lazy to skip sunscreen. That is just a must-do. A little cover up, a little blush, a little lip gloss and mascara, and I can get out the door with just those four things.

Even when I go to photo shoots and I work with a new photographer, they’re like ‘your skin is really good. They think it’s all smoke and mirrors, but I’m really happy with the way that my skin looks. And I’m sure it’s also the fact that I eat well, exercise, and I get enough sleep and I don’t smoke. Genetics plays a big part, too.

The interview also talks about the adventure Vogue took with Cindy, which included a medicine man and yoga.

Whatever Cindy is doing, her focus on health is evident. We can’t wait to learn more.