Catching Up with Swimwear Designer Bianca Coletti

Photo: biancacoletti

Last time we spoke with Bianca Coletti, founder and designer of her namesake swimwear brand, it was in late 2016. Although we still kept tabs on her brand, we noticed a flurry of recent activity, from a collaboration with ORA Miami to another one with Liberty London. And, with her being born in Puerto Rica and the inside scoop she was sharing about her 2018 collection, we knew it was time to catch up with Bianca.

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MalenDyer: You were born in Puerto Rico – have you been back since the hurricane?
Bianca Coletti: Puerto Rico is going through a major crisis and the hurricane helped to shed a lot of issues that were existing from before, as far as import laws, welfare, work wages and food costs. People from Puerto Rico are resilient, creative and have a joy for life that’s outstanding. I believe new resources such as solar power and agriculture will have a chance to help the island get back on track.

“[Puerto Rico] is truly paradise.”

MD: In addition to the above, and if you do get back there, what do you love most about Puerto Rico?
BC: I go home often. It’s a beautiful island that has a lot of geographical diversity. It’s truly paradise. I feel grounded, refreshed [when there], and nature is a big inspiration for me.

MD: You’ve recently collaborated with ORA Miami. Share with us how this came about.
BC: We came in to redesign the women servers’ and bartenders’ uniforms for ORA nightclub. I wanted to bring in a level of sophistication the club has while taking out that stigma of the girls’ uniforms. They can look classy, still sexy, be comfortable and also be functional, which for me were the most important components of the design aesthetic. I’m really enjoying the process of designing customized uniforms. We are working on several more clubs and pools this year.

“Nature and flowers are a big part of my inspiration.”

MD: And, you collaborated with Liberty London once again, this time for spring 2018. Share with us more, including the prints!
BC: I have been working with Liberty London for many years. They are the ultimate! Usually we are just re-coloring existing flower prints. Nature and flowers are a big part of my inspiration, so this work is very special to me, not to mention an honor.


MD: Before we let you go, share with us some details on your 2018 campaign.
BC: The 2018 campaign was shot in Palm Beach, Florida. I wanted to bring in that classic Miami Beach feel while still keeping a tropical vibe as background. The collection was inspired by my high school days with high-waisted, one piece swimwsuits with elastic belts, scoopneck low backs and camisole styles as outerwear. The colors and prints are mostly pink-based flowered prints, gingham, geometrical abstracts and lots of solid pinks, whites and light blues.


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