Catching Up With Model Tessa Maye – First Swim 2016

Photo: Marc Hayden

Model Tessa Maye holds a special place for us at MalenDyer. She was our first Model Spotlight and then she was our first Interviewee. Since then, we almost feel as if we have grown with her!

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In turn, it should not come as a surprise that when we decided to make a special MalenDyer issue, we knew we had to reach back out to Tessa. We had to find out what she was up to.

From a new puppy to new projects, there’s a lot going on in the world of Tessa.

Photo: Marc Hayden
Photo: Marc Hayden

Let’s catch up with Tessa Maye

MalenDyer: You recently got a new puppy, a Cavoodle named Bubba, who even has his own Instagram account! @mrbubbagram, Tell us more.
Tessa Maye: He’s an absolute dream, and I know I’ve turned into one of those weird obsessive dog parents who show people puppy photos on my phone when they really, really don’t care. My family dog, Bella, was 15 and passed away last year, and it’s like losing a family member. I realized I get so much enjoyment from animals that it’s worth making the life sacrifices to have one.

MD: Has there been a campaign or job you have declined? What are your limits or boundaries?
TM: There was a nude shoot that would’ve been filmed in a park for a [music] video. I wasn’t given the “fully nude” details until two hours before, and I suddenly thought of dog walkers with iPhones and how uncontrollable it would be [since it wasn’t] a closed set…

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