British Model Louisa Warwick on Victoria’s Secret, New York City and the Modeling Industry

Photo: louisawarwick/instagram

Louisa Warwick is a British-born model who made her trek over to the U.S. for reasons that include modeling, fashion and University.

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We met for our interview in one of our favorite locales – a coffee shop.

With her English tea in hand, we began by speaking about her move to the U.S. and why New York University, which is the same school Karlie Kloss currently attends and who counts Christy Turlington Burns as an alumni, became her school of choice.

“Victoria’s Secret is the pinnacle of any fashion model’s career.”

Although she explored the idea of attending Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, she ultimately made the decision that with her passion for high fashion, she needed to be in New York City.

Photo: louisawarwick/instagram
Photo: louisawarwick/instagram

Louisa admitted she is “very independent,” which surely helped to fuel her moving across the Atlantic.

Of course, taking on a move like this and not only attending school but forging a modeling career, we needed to know how she balances it all, which she admitted was hard but she makes it work. And, it’s this determination and drive that we admire about her.

Photo: louisawarwick/instagram
Photo: louisawarwick/instagram

Speaking of admiration, it’s fashion designer Georgina Chapman of Marchesa that she admires – and who also attended the same boarding school as Louisa, Marlborough College.

As for the modeling industry, which we all know is not for the faint of heart, how does she maintain a positive self image?

“I think clients want models who take care of themselves – that have a healthy body,” Louisa responded.

She also added that having “confidence” was key and knowing that clients “probably make up their mind within 30 seconds” so not to take rejection personally.

“I think clients want models who take care of themselves – that have a healthy body.”

Louisa also offered some advice for those wanting to enter the industry, “Work hard, learn fast, be smiley and be approachable to no matter who they are.”

As to which brand she would love to work for, Louisa, without hesitation said, “Victoria’s Secret – [they are the] pinnacle of any fashion model’s career.”

Photo: louisawarwick/instagram
Photo: louisawarwick/instagram

And, Steven Meisel is the photographer on her must work with list.

“Work hard, learn fast and be approachable.”

With her most recent signing to Wilhelmina Models, we know she will make this agency proud, and we are excited to see which campaign or runway she will pop up next in.

Photo: louisawarwick/instagram
Photo: louisawarwick/instagram

We will end this interview with a few simple words Louisa mentioned to us that also seem to sum up her personality so well, “appreciate everything in life.”

And on that note, we feel inspired to have a cup of English tea…

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Louisa is Represented by:
Wilhelmina Models New York