Australian Model Lisa Cowcher on Working with Andi Bagus, Bikinis and Bali

Lisa Cowcher is an Australian-born model who can often be spotted on a beach or traveling the globe. In fact, when we caught up with her, she was on a European whirlwind, from Sicily to Amalfi to Lucerne and to Paris.

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Lisa has been photographed for Andi Bagus, The Naked Tiger and Gooseberry Intimates, among others. In this interview, we got to speak with her about working with Andi Bagus, bikinis and how she ended up in Bali. for andi bagus

MalenDyer: We noticed you have worked with beachwear brand Andi Bagus on a few projects, including one that brought you to the island of Gili Meno. Share with us about working with them.
Lisa Cowcher: I couldn’t love Andi [founder of Andi Bagus] more – she’s such a beautiful person and so talented. I never cease to be amazed by her ability to bring out constant new and unique designs.

“I feel lucky to have worked with all of the brands, people and photographers that I have.”

LC: Gili Meno and the Island Houses are one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. The water is crystal clear, the sun is out, and we swam with turtles! At the shoot I fell in love with Bryan, a cat that lives there. He was super friendly, but as soon as the camera came out, he went savage. We managed to get him in one photo though. It wasn’t his best angle but [we got the photo]. for Andi Bagus

MD: What has been a “pinch me” moment so far in your modeling career?
LC: The first time I was on Andi Bagus, The Naked Tiger and Gooseberry Intimates was exciting, but I feel lucky to have worked with all of the brands, people and photographers that I have.

LC: I’ve got a huge appreciation for fashion and art so getting to be a part of the process is cool. Seeing the final images is always unreal. You can be trekking for hours in like 35°C [about 95°F] heat, climbing cliffs, getting attacked by insects etc., so seeing the beautiful photos that come out of it is amazing. for andi bagus

MD: You are spotted quite often in bikinis, what do you look for when bikini shopping?
LC: It depends on the occasion. I’m on the beach every chance I get, so generally having something comfortable and practical for tanning is a must. I also like pieces that double as clothes, like beaded bikini tops or one pieces I can wear under things – saves packing space also.

LC: I tend to throw on the first thing I grab so having separates you can mix and match match is good. Andi Bagus and The Naked Tiger have some cool Lycra separates that I’m currently obsessing over.

“I’m on the beach every chance I get.”

MD: And on that note, how many bikinis could we expect to find you traveling with?
LC: Sooo many! Even now, when it’s freezing and winter, I have about eight different pieces – just in case the sun comes out. I’d literally live in them if I could. for andi bagus

MD: What’s something you could share about yourself that may surprise us?
LC: Before Bali, I was working full-time and studying behavioral science (psychology) full-time. I was only meant to be in Bali for a few months while I finished off my degree, so years later, I’m surprised to still be there. I just love it.


MD: What’s your must-have beauty product?
LC: Coconut oil. I use it in my hair, on my skin and never travel without it.

MD: What’s your favorite animal?
LC: My two dogs, but I generally love all animals.

MD: If you weren’t traveling the world and living beach to beach, we would find you…
LC: With my niece and nephews – they’re the best thing in the world to me. for Andi Bagus

Connect with Lisa on Instagram @l_cowcher.