Anna Sui x O’Neill

Photo: O'Neil/Instagram

Let’s just take a moment to relish in this collaboration.

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Anna Sui offer fashions that are most-often vintage-inspired and always unique while O’Neill is the quintessential beach brand.

Yes, we are liking where this is going.

Anna spoke to on how this collaboration came to life.

Our sales manager knew somebody at O’Neill, and she started thinking that it would be such a great pair-up between O’Neill and Anna Sui because O’Neill is very much our girl. They’re very print-oriented and known for their surfer style, but we wanted to incorporate our bohemian style with it. I think that we’ve blended it so well. The clothes are just so dreamy; we were all just oohing and ahhing over these lace pieces.

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We are thinking we need at least one of these pieces in our summer wardrobe. Ok, at least two or three…