Anja Rubik on Fitness, Dieting and Modeling

Photo: anja_rubik/Instagram

Anja Rubik, model and founder and editor of 25 magazine, discusses the importance of fitness in her life, the lack of dieting and what modeling means to her.

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“If it’s a day off, I just get up and go straight to the gym. I do different workouts.”

The Polish model spoke to The Cut on how she workouts out now because “my body is my instrument of work.”

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Anja also touched on exercising, including the importance of yoga in her life.

“I’m tall and long and fly a lot, so yoga is very important for my spine.”

In regards to dieting, we like what she has to say.

“I drink a lot of water.”

And first of all, I don’t believe in any diets. Diets are tortuous; the most important thing in life is balance. The moment we forbid ourselves is when we really crave it.

“I’m actually a vegetarian, so I don’t eat meat or fish. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. I also love any kind of smoothies. There is one that is great for the skin with kale, almond milk, coconut water and dates. Or sometimes I do pear, banana, coconut oil and water. That’s really delicious and a nice way to start the day.”

Balance. Such a simple word that means so much, especially when it comes to food.

As for modeling, she noted, “Nowadays, it’s not as glamorous as people think. But it can open your mind to many, many things.”

Be sure to check out the entire interview on The Cut.