An Otterlicious Day Out with Lauren Scruggs

Photo: laurenscruggs/Instagram

When you say “beach,” we say “yes.”

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It’s really that simple.

Yet, we do appreciate a day in the city.

There’s so much inspiration to behold and so many little pleasures that can be discovered.

For this Otterlicious Day Out, we are having birthday girl Lauren Scruggs take us on a little adventure.

Let’s go!

Starting the day with some positivity sounds like the right move to us!

Was that too much too soon?

Maybe we should have had a coffee first?

Nah, we’ll just be enjoying the coffee even more now.

Where will the day take us?

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Looks like we spotted some inspiration!

After exploring the city, it’s time for some lunch!

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Sharing a moment with a best friend over an ice cream sounds like a great addition to the day.

And continue the discussions and the catching up with smiles, laughter and a refreshing drink…

Have an Otterlicious birthday, Lauren, and thanks for the fun day out!