All About the Beach with Eurvin Swimwear

Photo: eurvin_/Instagram

Eurvin Swimwear is an Australian-based swimwear company that was founded by the sister and brother duo of Canelle and Jules Eurvin.

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The swimwear is “designed and hand-made in the Brunswick suburbs of Melbourne, using the softest Italian fabrics,” according to the brand.

With a worldly perspective, having been born in Paris and raised in Munich, the duo “rapidly travel the world in search of new vibration and inspiration.”

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Here are some snaps of what that inspiration has led the duo to design…

We are loving the cut of this bikini top.

It reminds us of a sportier suit we might find on an Australian surfer but Eurvin added a sexy twist to it.

May seem like a classic bikini top, but the print of the Malvern top is what makes it unique.

As for the Portsea bottom, it can be seen in the full shot below, which is modeled by Rocky Barnes

We want that bikini bottom!

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As for basics, just imagine this in a soft Italian fabric, hand-made in Australia…

The duo aren’t all about designing bikinis though.

The Brighton one piece, worn by Dominique Elissa, is a suit we can’t get enough of!

The subtle gathering on the straps with the plunging neckline…

We love.


There’s more…

The one piece also sports an unexpected side mesh detail…

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Before we close this out, we must leave you with another tidbit from the brand, which we feel helps to differentiate them from so many out there.

“Eurvin Swimwear invites you to look beyond fashion and take in the beauty of the beach with its timeless and elegant lines. Inspired by a love of sunshine and the wildness of the ocean, Jules and Canelle’s search for personal balance has always drawn them to the beach.”

We have to say they are proving true to their intentions.

Also, we are ready for the beach after seeing these designs…