AKT – Why We Can’t Stop Dancing


Just like fashion, we aren’t into the latest or trendiest workouts. For many on the MalenDyer Team, it’s about having a pair of sneakers handy for morning runs while for others it’s all about ensuring their weekends are free for long rides on their road bikes.

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With winter officially here, we decided to venture out from our norms and in this two-part series, we are going to share two workouts that leave us feeling worked and refreshed.


First up is AKT in Motion by Anna Kaiser.

What We Love…

Simply put – it’s fun! There are various classes to choose from, so although there are full-on dance classes (including AKT S&M – Sweat & Mirrors) that will leave you dripping in sweat, there are others that are strictly for toning (including AKTone) and others that combine both dancing and toning. Time flies by and most importantly, you feel like it was time well spent.

What Class You Must Try…

AKT Sweat Dreams is our favorite class! It is a circuit-based class where you go from cardio to toning to cardio to toning and hit all muscle groups.

Here’s how AKT describes this class.

“Designed around a box and a set of overhead resistance bands, this workout dares you to experience a gravity-defying sweat sesh unlike any other. This circuit-based interval class alternates between timed strength intervals using weighted props, and a series of low-impact, high intensity cardio moves using our overhead resistance bands to keep your mind and body challenged until the very end. Get a total body burn and put your stamina to the test, all in one high energy, ridiculously fun, and challenging atmosphere, set to heart-racing tunes. Caution: You will get wet.”


And yes, the music! We love ourselves some good music. Oh, and the disco ball – brings out the inner dancer in us.

Why Else/Who Should Go?…

Anyone looking for a good workout needs to try AKT. We have been to classes where we left wanting to head to another workout class. In this day in age, we don’t have time for that! We want our workout to count and AKT does that.

And, do not be nervous about the dancing portion! Trust us. We have members on the MalenDyer Team that have two left feet – their words, we promise!


Read more about AKT, including where you can find studios (they have online videos, which we haven’t tried yet) at aktinmotion.com.

P.S. Shakira and Karlie Kloss are said to be a fans of AKT.