A Weekend in Bermuda – A Travel Guide

Photo: malendyer

Bermuda is only 1-1/2 hours away from New York City. Yet, once there, you are transported to a land where the water glistens, the sailboats are abundant and the people are amazingly cordial. Yes, this is Bermuda, and it is an island that must be visited.

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For this travel guide, we are taking you to Bermuda. And, we are beginning it in St. George’s.

Photo: malendyer
Photo: malendyer

For an historical journey into Bermuda, St. George’s is a must stop, which has been designated UNESCO world heritage site. While here, enjoy lunch at Tavern by the Sea, explore the shops, including perfumery Lili Bermuda, and the area sites, such as Kings Square, St. Peter’s Church and the Town Hall. And, keep your eye out for sailboats!

Photo: malendyer
Photo: malendyer

Either by taxi or bus, we recommend you make your way to Hamilton, which is the capital of Bermuda and is a bustling city. When here, you will want to visit Queen Elizabeth Park, which was designed by William B. Perot who was the first Post Master of Bermuda.

Photo: malendyer
Photo: malendyer

Perot’s house is now the Bermuda Historical Society Museum and the National Library – be sure to check out the rubber trees!

While in the city, of course there are shops. One standout is Della Valle Sandals. Vincenzo Della Valle is from Italy where he apprenticed with two master sandal makers in Anacapri, Vincenzo Ricci and Antonio Viva. He has since brought his handmade sandal making skills to Bermuda.

There is also Bermuda Cathedral and Fort Hamilton. The latter was built in 1870s to protect the Hamilton Harbor and form a line of defense for the western Royal Naval Dockyard.

From there, we recommend taking a ferry from Hamilton to Watford Bridge.

A walk or a short taxi ride later, you’ll end up at Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa. Here, you’ll be able to soak in what Bermuda has to offer – blue seas, white sandy beaches and lots of sunshine.

Photo: malendyer
Photo: malendyer

You can simply stay here for the duration of your trip or explore this part of the island, including the Royal Naval Dockyard or bike the Railway Trail.

However you choose to finish up your holiday is up to you, although, one thing is for certain, one trip to Bermuda is not ever enough.

Photo: malendyer
Photo: malendyer

Travel Guide Highlights – Bermuda
Tavern by the Sea
14 Water Street, St. George’s

Della Valle Sandals
19 Queen Street, Hamilton

Lili Bermuda
Stewart Hall
5 Queen Street, St. George’s

Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa
30 Kings Point Road, Sandys

To Do
Railway Trail