Otter Living – A Look At Waterkeepers

Photo: ca_waterkeepers/Instagram

For this week’s Otter Living, we are going to highlight an organization that helps to make the inspiration for Otter Living possible.

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Simply put, sailing on cloudy, murky waters just doesn’t sound as exciting as sailing on crystal blue waters with dolphins jumping around.

Waterkeepers work to keep the waters clean for swimming, fishing and drinking. They work for people and for the ecosystem.

We love our oceans and applaud those that work to keep it tidy for us and for all of the animals, fish, plants and everything in-between we appreciate so much.

The California Coastkeeper Alliance encompasses 12 area Waterkeeper programs and is the organization we are going to take a look at…

And will begin by understanding what they work to protect.

“The Madaket – featuring California’s smallest licensed bar – tours Humboldt Bay, home to hundreds of species of birds – over 200 types of fish – and the place from where 70 percent of California’s oysters begin.”

Now, for the accidents that can happen to these waters…

“Day 3. Aerial survey image from @sbchannelkeeper. Very few oil removal and containment boats, boom and skimmers observed for this size spill. Thankfully, the Santa Barbara enviro community is working tirelessly to clean up and investigate the spill.”

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For anyone that tells you their litter doesn’t impact anything, be sure to show them this image…

“Santa Barbara Channelkeeper, Channel Islands Outfitters, SB Adventure Co and Island Packers removed 1,300 lbs of trash from Santa Cruz Island.”

Back to why we care so much about our oceans is so well described by photographer and videographer, Joe O’Brien.

“Moments of clarity are most often experienced in the ocean for me. Whether it’s sliding down the face of a wave or gliding through kelp… It’s a feeling that I can’t easily express using words. My camera helps me interpret, translate, and understand this feeling that myself and so many others experience when in the ocean.”

There’s another reason why we love water so much.

Can you guess what it is?

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Not only the beauty it offers but also the fun it provides…

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Yes, every so often we get a bit serious on MD.

Although, we like to think of it as more educational and informative than serious and deep.

After all of this, we are thinking it’s time to go enjoy the beach!