A Look at La Vie Boheme Yoga

Photo: laviebohemeyoga/Instagram

We are all about health and wellness here, which is why yoga seems like a natural fit for us.

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Not only does yoga work the body, but it also works the mind.

When we came across La Vie Boheme Yoga, we became intrigued.

“A bohemian-inspired collection of printed yoga mats and apparel” that was founded by Yvette Charlton and Michaela Moryskova, according to the brand.

The duo met in San Diego, California, and “the two quickly bonded over their love of fashion, travel and yoga. It was also apparent they shared a bohemian, Southern California beach girl sense of style,” add LVB.

Let’s recap…

La Vie Boheme Yoga is built around fashion, travel and yoga and has its roots in San Diego.

Yeah, you can see why this brand caught our attention.

Time for a little yoga with LVB…

Getting our mat ready…

“Mastering the Kapotasana with Master Tyson…”

A photo posted by Yasmin Shima (@gypset_society) on

“Downward facing dog, Lil Sebastian demonstrating excellent form.”

How cute!

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As for this next pic, we are wondering…

A helping hand or play time?

Yeah, we are thinking both!

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Check out how LVB brings a little Bohemian vibe to Provence…

No caption needed here…

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Time to take in some nature and yoga

“Stretch break! + a very necessary cup of joe.”

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We know where we will head when we want to add a little Bohemian flair to our yoga routine – La Vie Boheme Yoga.