A Guide to Dining, Juicing and Coffee in Boston, MA

Photo: coxpriya/instagram

After a recent trip to Boston, Massachusetts, we found a handful of dining options that were exactly what we were looking for – SoCal needs with New York City expectations. Hence, when we found the following spots, we knew we had to share.

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To kick us off, we know you need some coffee, and we have just the spot…


Gracenote Coffee Roasters

This coffee shop was just what we needed after arriving in Boston. It was quaint and its focus was on coffee, which we appreciated. It brought us that pick-me-up we needed but also satisfied the taste of a good coffee that we desired.

“Coffee by people who know and care deeply about coffee — and who are happy to be doing what they’re doing.”


Photo: gracenotecoffee/instagram
Photo: gracenotecoffee/instagram

Menu: Coffee and light snacks.
Must Try: A cold brew and a latte with cashew milk.
Location: 108 Lincoln Street, Boston, MA

Read more at gracenotecoffee.com.


Neighborhoods Dining & Crepes

When we stopped by this restaurant, we were in need of a satisfying lunch without having something that was too heavy. This stop was perfect. The crepes hit the spot and offered us an oasis from the heat that was overpowering us this day.

“Our goal is to deliver a premium product while connecting communities locally and abroad.”


Menu: Baked goods, coffee and crepes.
Must Try: A Signature and Tuscan Chicken crepe.
Location: 96 Peterborough Street, Boston, MA

Read more at neighborhoodscafe.com.



We can’t explain enough how much we enjoyed this stop. We made our way there for breakfast and for a light dinner, and we had more than just juices to choose from on both occasions. We could taste the freshness, and they seem to add a little something special that makes even a standard juicing menu item taste just that much better.

Photo: purecocobeet/instagram
Photo: purecocobeet/instagram

“We don’t cut corners, and we practice what we preach. Eat well, feel great.”


Menu: Breakfast, lunch and dinner items and juice and smoothies.
Must Try: Green Genes Juice, Watermelon Quench Juice, Pitaya Bowl
Location: 100 City Hall Plaza, Boston, MA

Read more at cocobeet.com.



A pizza and a salad or a salad on a pizza is what you must have here. And, you have been warned, the pizzas are not personal size. We have had many pizzas and still the selection here was good enough to make us ensure this restaurant made it into our travel guide.

Photo: Todd English Figs
Photo: Todd English Figs

“Never trust a round pizza.”


Menu: Pizza, salads, pastas and more.
Must Try: Roasted Beet Salad and a Oliver’s pizza.
Location: 42 Charles St, Boston, MA

Read more at toddenglishfigs.com.


Mare Oyster Bar

Nestled into a little alleyway, this restaurant is perfect for a romantic evening dinner or simply for a night out with good friends. Try to sit on the porch to get the full experience. Also, do not forget to start with some oysters.

Mare Oyster Bar
Mare Oyster Bar

“The location. The food. Enough said.”


Must Try: Start with oysters from the raw bar, continue with the Organic Field Greens, Gnocchi Dumplings Frutti di Mare or the Grilled Mediterranean Sea Bass and finish it all off with the Flourless Chocolate Cake.
Location: 223 Hanover Street / 3 Mechanic Street, Boston, MA

Read more at mareoysterbar.com.