A Day in Southampton, The Hamptons

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We are suckers for The Hamptons.

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There’s fresh food widely available, locals that make you feel like you are at home and a buzz within the town that’s hard to beat.

With the official last weekend of summer shortly upon us, we are taking you to Southampton for the day and to our favorite spots.

Grab a beach towel and some sunscreen and water as we are going to be out all day long!

To get the day kicked off, we need our coffee fix, which is always done at Hampton Coffee Company.

If it’s a Sunday, the Farmer’s Market is a must-do…

Be sure to try Kalypso Yogurt while there – it’s Otter approved.

Kalypso Yogurt

While in town, we always make a stop at Flying Point Surf and Skate, as they carry some of the most Otterlicious clothing and accessories, for men and women.

Then, it’s time to explore!

The city first – from its shops to its parks…

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And the surrounding area…

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Otter Tip – Try renting a bike from Rotations Bicycle Center, which offers a convenient way to travel the area.

Once back into town, you must have some hand-scooped ice cream at Sip ‘n Soda.

Photo: Sip 'n Soda/Facebook
Photo: Sip ‘n Soda/Facebook

Then, grab some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to-go from Tate’s Bake Shop.

Photo: Tate's Bake Shop/Facebook
Photo: Tate’s Bake Shop/Facebook

Then, it’s time to head to the beach!

Which one is our favorite – well, we can’t spill all of our secrets.

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Be sure to enjoy a Southampton sunset, which is hard to beat.

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Here’s the full list of our above recommendations:

Hampton Coffee Company
749 County Rd 39a
Southampton, New York

Flying Point Surf and Skate Shop
69 Main Street
Southampton, New York

Southampton Farmers’ Market
Runs through Sunday, October 11, 2015

Rotations Bicycle Center
32 Windmill Lane
Southampton, New York

Sip ‘n Soda
40 Hampton Road
Southampton, New York

Tate’s Bake Shop
43 North Sea Road
Southampton, New York

In case you are in the mood to see more of The Hamptons, be sure to check out the video below…

Although, we must admit – we may have offered up more to do than in just one day (or one weekend) in Southampton.


Be sure to tell them the Otters sent you…