24 Hours with Mona-Jane Hannemann – Stay Active, #Md2 for Spring 2017


Mona-Jane Hannemann is a self-professed fitness addict, nature obsessed and adrenaline junkie. She is also a mother, a wife and the founder of Rocamoon – a blog dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle.

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Although from New Zealand, Mona-Jane had been living in Hawaii up until recently when her and her husband, along with their young son, moved to Arizona to set up a food truck to extend the presence of her husband’s family restaurant to outside of Hawaii.

Let’s recap. Mona-Jane has lived on not one but two islands, enjoys the beach and a good surf and is currently in Arizona to help her husband’s restaurant business expand, courtesy of a food truck. In addition to all of this, she exudes good vibes with her positive outlook on life.

Since Mona-Jane’s move to Arizona is quite recent, we are beginning with a peek inside her Hawaiian life.

A Day with Mona-Jane in Hawaii…

“To be quite honest I am still trying to figure out this whole balancing act – I’m not the greatest at it. Sometimes it gets overwhelming trying to be on top of everything to my best ability, and my personality hates doing half pie jobs. So I would rather not do something if I’m not going to put a good effort into it…”

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