24 Hours with Model Agnes Fischer – First Swim 2016

Photo: Dan Hilburn

A Model’s Day

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As told by Agi Fischer

As I live in Zurich, Switzerland and 99 percent of the jobs I get booked for are outside of Switzerland, I often fly the day before shooting, so I’m fresh the next morning.

Once in the city, I like to walk around a bit and explore the city.

Then, back in the hotel, I do my manicure and pedicure before I go to bed, which saves time on the shoot.

When 23:00 hits, I try to be in bed, but it all depends on my call time.

Day Of A Shoot
Prior to leaving, I do some yoga for 15 minutes, so my body “wakes up,“ and then I have a quick shower and wash my hair. I don’t need to put on any makeup, as a makeup artist will be at the shoot…

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